MPI Connections Cafe

Take Time To Connect at the Connections Café

Connections Cafe

During your time at MPI SEC you won’t want to miss the MPI Connections Café. MMD Events, of Tampa, FL, is partnering with MPI SEC to bring you a unique conference experience where making connections is everything. We thought this was a great opportunity to not only connect with you and create a place you can connect with others but to also show you the latest and greatest from our unique furniture and décor collection. Activities will be constantly happening in the café and you’ll want to check your schedule once you get to the conference. In addition to activities, you’ll find a comfortable lounge area to recharge and regroup in. Not all of the activities are finalized yet so we don’t want to spill the beans… but you won’t want to miss this! Take advantage of your MPI SEC experience and form connections that will last in the MPI Connections Café brought to you by MMD Events. We can’t wait to see you there!

Thank you to our Connections Café Event Sponsors