Game on! Dispelling the Myths of Gamification

(Written by guest blogger, Tara Liaschenko)

SEC Attendees you better get ready…get set… and game on! If you haven’t yet heard about gamification, you’re about to embark on a journey that will turn your meetings and events upside right. For those of you that have heard about gamification, you may be caught up in the misconceptions or preconceived notions.

So let me go on record to dispel all that jazz and get you on the gamification band wagon.

Gamification Is Too New

Gamification has been around for decades upon decades. We’ve been influenced by games and how they affect our behavior since we all were little children. Yes, even the boomers know how to play. Might I mention reward/loyalty programs from everything from fast food, to airlines, to nail salons…all incorporate games in their programs. Not only have we all been playing games but the first video games came out in the early 1970’s.

Gamification is Only For the Millennials

The percent of the population that has never played an electronic game is minimal if not non-existent and those people consist of individuals that are over 65, don’t have internet access and /or live in remote locations. With every passing year the number of people not having accesses to technology based gamification diminishes. So this audience is only ever growing. And this demographic are the not the people attending and participating in your meetings and events. Believe or not the average age of the most frequent gamer is 41 years old and 42% are women. Women over the age of 18 are the industry’s fastest growing demographic. And on top of that 29% of game players are over the age of 50.

My Attendees Won’t Understand the Technology

2/3 of American’s own smart phones and there are officially more mobile devices that people in the world. Gamification functions through electronic devices (cell phones, tablets etc…). Your attendee uses these devices every single day if not every hour.

So, It’s Fun…So What?

Gamification’s impact on your meeting is exponential. What tool can you use that engages your attendee preconference, at the conference and post conference? What tool can you use that elevates attendee engagement, participation and retention (not only conference attendance retention but conference knowledge retention)? What tool can you use that increases sponsorships and sponsor ROI and exposure? The answer my friends is gamification.

SEC’s theme of Unlock Your Ingenuity, is embodied in the concept of gamification. Creating a game involves INGENUITY and CREATIVITY. You can create missions that automatically CONNECT attendees and buyers and sellers. The CSR elements are incorporated into the game to demonstrate CARING. And together we all COLLABORATE to make the game a huge success for all involved.

So my fellow attendees, join us for the SEC 2015 Game and our education session on Gamification. Let’s get our game on at the SEC 2015!

Tara LiaschenkoGuest Blogger

Tara Liaschenko, CMM

Principal, The Link Professionals

For over a decade, The Link Event Professionals, Inc. has been THE connection to successful meetings and events.  A global organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida, The Link brings together functions from small intimate gatherings…to large comprehensive tradeshows and everything in between, in Florida and around the world.  The Link is excited to introduce its newest division focusing on technology based teambuilding and gamification to maximize the attendee, client and sponsor ROI for all gatherings.

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  1. Cheryl James says:

    After recently completing the FSAE Conference where we tried Gamification for the first time – best word that comes to mind is SUCCESS! With over 1000 pictures submitted and a record breaking participation rate for a first time event, it is clearly the way of the future. Not only does it emphasis the theme and content of the conference, it enhances the networking events and increases the overall engagement level of the attendees. Speaking specifically as a sponsor, I can say that it most definitely added value – Cannot wait for my mission at MPI SEC!

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