Education Sessions Overview

Sessions to Fit Your Style


If you like to absorb creative information by listening to amazing thought leaders in our industry then these sessions are perfect for you.


These workshops feature hands-on learning with expert guidance through listening, doing and discussing, and are designed to provide a medium level of interaction. If you like to learn from experts, but also want the opportunity to openly discuss how the content can be applied to your world, then these are the right sessions for you.


These peer to peer events are participant-led sessions with the highest level of interactivity. If you want sessions where you learn from your peers through discussions and sharing of your own experiences, peer-to-peer is the way to go. A facilitator will drive the process, but not the content.


Participate in a team-building, Corporate Social Responsibility project.


connect-education_wideWhat To Expect

Professional Development for Meeting Professionals

Competency-based business training that’s eligible for continuing education credits/clock hours through the Convention Industry Council (CIC). Examples:

General Business Topics

General topics that apply to meetings and events. Examples:



Specialty Education