Collaboration: Always A Key to Success with the SEC

(Written by guest blogger, Vickie Corder, CMP)

Collaboration, Connection, Creativity and Caring are the four keys to UNLOCKING YOUR INGENUITY.  Today, I’m happy to share how collaboration has assisted me in my professional development.

Collaboration: the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

It seems I have always been an organizer of people, planning the Saturday afternoon movie excursions with my second grade friends, birthday, Halloween, and high school spirit club parties. I was known for my clip board for Girls Night Out, ensuring that no highlight on the checklist for the evening was missed, and once I organized an extended family camping trip in the Colorado Rockies complete with printed program for the week! From Girl Scouts to Rainbow Girls, those early organized group experiences help set the stage for my collaboration with two very dynamic women to organize the North Florida Chapter of MPI and serve as the Charter President in December 1995.

Our MPI North Florida Chapter has just kicked off a year of celebration leading up to the Chapter’s 20th Anniversary. We’ve come a long way with lots of collaboration along the way – a skill MPI encourages in us all. In recent years, our Chapter has received recognition for accomplishments that would not have been possible without the collaboration of our leadership and members. Sharing knowledge in an open forum with focus and accountability can produce great results that move an organization forward. Keeping an open mind to other people’s ideas can lead to something better than one’s own imagination can possibly create.

Much of my success has been a result of my volunteer collaboration with organizations in my community. Building an extensive network of professionals has also provided me with clients and referrals that have helped me build my business, and this network has also been the source of many wonderful friendships along the way.

Some years ago a dedicated group of Florida MPI Chapter leaders came together to create the MPI Southeast Educational Conference (SEC). After several years of successful growth, the TONS (Tampa, Orlando, North, South, Florida) Advisory Council was formed to take this conference to the next level. Collaboration has always been the key to our success with the SEC, and it is my privilege to help lead another group of dedicated volunteers in determining the future of this conference. There are two representatives from each of the four Florida chapters serving on the TONS Advisory Council. Over the coming year, please share your thoughts and ideas, i.e. COLLABORATE with your Chapter’s TONS representatives, so that together we can build an even more dynamic and valuable SEC.

Vickie Corder, CMP
Chair, TONS Advisory Council

Vickie CorderGuest Blogger

Vickie Corder, CMP, Presidents Club

Senior Director, Global Accounts HelmsBriscoe

As Senior Director, Global Accounts for HelmsBriscoe, Vickie Corder, CMP has over twenty years of experience in planning meetings and events. She was a planner in the Division of Education for Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and owned a destination management company prior to joining HelmsBriscoe in 2000, and is a top producer in HelmsBriscoe’s Presidents Club.

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