MPI | SEC 2015 Has Named the Conference’s Featured Speakers and Added an Appointment Show!

Don’t miss out on the great speakers at this year’s MPI Southeastern Education Conference. To find out more about all the speakers taking part in this year’s MPI | SEC, visit our Conference Speakers Page.

MPI | SEC 2015 Announces…
Corporate Social Responsibility Project: Paws for Patriots™


They served us. Now it’s our turn.

Veterans have served for freedom’s sake, and now they deserve the freedom to navigate with heads high and renewed confidence.  MPI | SEC 2015 is supporting Paws for Patriots!™  When you donate, you will help us name a puppy who will bring freedom and independence to a veteran in need.  Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility Program page to make a difference today or click the Donate Now button in the sidebar now!

Sarah LippyMeet Our Featured Planner

Sarah Lippy, CMP, Meetings & Special Events Planner

JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

As a planner, I am involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… I’ll gain exposure to fresh ideas, influential education sessions and new relationships through networking that I can bring back to share with my team.

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… coming together once a week with our team of innovative planners to brainstorm and build off each other’s ideas and experiences. Collaboration is a big part of our success.

Cheryl JamesMeet Our Featured Volunteer

Cheryl James, Director of Sales

Hilton Worldwide – Luxury Brands

As a volunteer, I am involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… there is such a difference between just ‘attending’ and being involved.  Existing relationships and friendships are strengthened by volunteering – there is now and forever a MPI | SEC bond!

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… being with other creative people. Our Chapter is filled with amazingly talented people, and the minute you get us all together, ingenuity just happens. You will see it at the conference this year for sure!

Matt AllenMeet Our Featured Sponsor

Matt Allen, Owner

MMD Events

As a sponsor, we are involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… networking and meeting new people and building relationships is one of the best ways to grow a business.

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… traveling. I find new ideas and ways to do things when I’m out and about.

Ryan ShortillMeet Our Featured Speaker

Ryan Shortill, CEO/Founder
Positive Adventures

As a speaker, I am involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… sharing and receiving information that is ​new and exciting with folks from so many walks of life strengthens and bonds us as a community. By engaging with one another,​ we create shared experiences of lasting friendships, chance introductions and transformative growth. You will get what you put in and it​’​s clear tremendous effort has gone into this year’s event. ​I am counting the days until I see you all!

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… being cleverly inventive with how we approach organizing our educational trainings and givebacks. In our effort to create lasting sustainability and group cohesion, we focus on being bold and unyielding towards the status quo.  We simply do not want to follow; we want to lead the way towards a brighter future finding new and innovative ways to get there!

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