MPI | SEC 2015 Has Named the Conference’s Featured Speakers and Added an Appointment Show!

Don’t miss out on the great speakers at this year’s MPI Southeastern Education Conference. To find out more about all the speakers taking part in this year’s MPI | SEC, visit our Conference Speakers Page.

MPI | SEC 2015 Announces…
Corporate Social Responsibility Project: Paws for Patriots™

Paws for Patriots - Captain Hero!

They served us. Now it’s our turn.

Veterans have served for freedom’s sake, and now they deserve the freedom to navigate with heads high and renewed confidence.  In 2015, MPI | SEC supported Paws for Patriots!™ as our Corporate Responsibility Project. With your donations, our group was able to name a puppy who will bring freedom and independence to a veteran in need.

UPDATE: We recently received a photo of “Captain Hero,” (right) the puppy we named during MPI | SEC 2015.  Born in November 2015, Captain Hero is just beginning his journey with Southeastern Guide Dogs and his puppy raiser. As of January 2016, he is about 9 weeks old and will be with his puppy raiser for the next 14-18 months learning basic commands and etiquette. At that time, Captain Hero will return to the Southeastern Guide Dogs’ campus to begin his formal training.  Thank you everyone who participated to support this wonderful cause!

Jody HallMeet Our Featured Planner

Jody Hall, CMPManager, Community Relations & Corporate Events

WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

As a planner, I am involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… It’s an amazing opportunity to meet regional suppliers, be exposed to local trends and new ideas, and experience relevant educational sessions.

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… changing my environment. It helps my mind to explore different ways of doing things. Exposure – hearing from thought leaders and then applying the ideas to my world – that takes real creativity!

Leslie BloznalisMeet Our Featured Volunteer

Leslie Bloznalis, Senior Sales Executive

Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina

As a volunteer, I am involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… I love being involved with so many sharp minds and great personalities. Above all, it’s the right thing to do.

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… having the freedom to take chances and have your friends/colleagues support you. Dream big!

Amanda BernsteinMeet Our Featured Sponsor

Amanda Bernstein, Sales & Marketing Director

Dorene Collier’s Event Show Productions

As a sponsor, I am involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… as a new MPI member, this experience has helped me make many new friends and learn the importance of a great relationship between the suppliers and planners in our industry. Through our collaboration I am confident that we will be naming a new Paws for Patriots puppy. Start Donating Now!

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… working with my creative team and friends.

Ryan ShortillMeet Our Featured Speaker

Ryan Shortill, CEO/Founder
Positive Adventures

As a speaker, I am involved with the 2015 MPI Southeast Educational Conference because… sharing and receiving information that is ​new and exciting with folks from so many walks of life strengthens and bonds us as a community. By engaging with one another,​ we create shared experiences of lasting friendships, chance introductions and transformative growth. You will get what you put in and it​’​s clear tremendous effort has gone into this year’s event. ​I am counting the days until I see you all!

I Unlock My Ingenuity by… being cleverly inventive with how we approach organizing our educational trainings and givebacks. In our effort to create lasting sustainability and group cohesion, we focus on being bold and unyielding towards the status quo.  We simply do not want to follow; we want to lead the way towards a brighter future finding new and innovative ways to get there!

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Paws for Patriots: From Brittani, with Love…


Michael Jernigan’s retiring guide dog, Brittani, looks back on her years as a guide dog

Reprinted with permission from Southeastern Guide Dogs

Michael Jernigan is a Marine, and he’s seen a few things he can’t forget.  I don’t care what they call it—PTSD or a bad day in the darkness—I just know when he needs me. I can feel his body heat rising and hear the edge in his voice.  I can smell the stress, but he doesn’t know that.  All he knows is that I’m there.  And that’s when I put my head on his lap or back up into a hug.  It’s my job to calm him down, but it’s more than that—it’s my mission.  I was born to serve, and to be Mike’s guide dog, and that’s what I did best. Read More…